Climate Change Resources

Learn about how the climate is changing in Coastal Virginia.

Subscribe and receive notifications when moderate to high tidal flooding is expected in Tidewater Virginia.

Waze users in Norfolk receive real-time, street-level alerts of flooded roads.

A GIS story map detailing how communities are being impacted by sea level rise and the data that can help.

A summary of the impacts of climate change on the United States.

This charts the course to adapt and protect Virginia’s Coast.

An information gateway on climate change to aid in evidence-based planning for climate change.

The Hampton Roads Planning District Commission Coastal Resiliency Program addresses regional challenges related to flooding and sea level rise.

A resource for communities working to cut carbon pollution and prepare for climate change.

Partner Organizations

The Coastal Virginia Adaptation & Resilience Consortium (CoVa A&R) works with academic institutions, non-governmental organizations, local governments and planning commissions, and industry groups to foster collaboration and support projects that promote resiliency.

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Economic Impacts of Climate Change

Understand how climate change will impact the local economy.

Future Sea Level and Recurrent Flooding Risk for Coastal Virginia –

A report by the Commonwealth Center for Current Flooding Resiliency.

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An Analysis of the Potential Costs and Consequences of a Hurricane Impacting the Virginia Beach-Norfolk-Newport News Metropolitan Area –

A report by the Commonwealth Center for Current Flooding Resiliency.

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The Impact of Severe Weather Events on Hampton Roads’ Housing Market –

A report by the Commonwealth Center for Current Flooding Resiliency.

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The Business Case for Investing in Resilience

Learn why you should invest in resilience.

National Hazard Mitigation Saves

The Federal Emergency Management Agency reports that adopting resilience strategies for riverine flood and hurricane surge provide a benefit cost ratio greater than $5 for every $1 invested. Benefits from adaptation to hazards include reductions in repair costs for damaged buildings, reductions in loss of revenue and other business-interruption costs to businesses whose property is damaged.

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Returns on Resilience: The Business Case

Urban Land Institute report includes real estate project case studies in which resilience strategies provide financial and other returns.

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Virginia Beach Flood Protection Program Bond Referendum Analysis (2021)

This study found that Investing in a Flood Protection Program Bond Referendum in Virginia Beach was estimated to provide a $19 return on each $1 invested. Prior to the November 2021 referendum to increase real estate taxes to fund a Flood Protection Program, the authors and contributors combined a technical economic “pay now or pay later” analysis that this bond referendum would have if passed with a synthesis of past social science and participatory mapping work on flooding in Virginia Beach. (McNab et al.)

Virginia Beach Flood Protection
National Institute of Building Sciences (NIBS) Natural Hazard Mitigation Saves: 2019

This report finds that implementing flood mitigation plans above code requirements related to hurricane surge provides a benefit-cost ratio of 7:1 (Porter et al.)

alt_National Institute of Building Sciences (NIBS) Natural Hazard Mitigation Saves 2019.
Global Commission on Adaptation

A study estimates that the overall rate of return on investments in improved resilience is very high, with benefit-cost ratios ranging from 2:1 to 10:1, and that investing $1.8 trillion globally in five areas could unlock benefits worth $7.1 trillion from now until 2030.

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Business Resilience

Learn how you can make your business more resilient in the face of climate change.

Do an assessment, provided by the Commonwealth Center for Current Flooding Resiliency and get an initial indicator of your business’ resilience to a variety of risks and its long-term sustainability.

Coastal Virginia Small Business Resilience Self-Assessment and Guide

Additional Studies and Research

View related reports from the Commonwealth Center for Recurrent Flooding Resiliency.

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Consortium Materials

The Coastal Resilience and Adaptation Economy Consortium events and meetings share a variety of materials and resources that relate to furthering coastal adaptation and resilience.

View event recordings and download the presentations.