Working together to build adaptation and resilience.

There are many opportunities for businesses and entrepreneurs to participate in the Coastal Resilience and Adaptation Economy.

Living shorelines

  • Protect properties and tax base for coastline communities
  • Collaboration between environmental, engineering and construction firms
  • Channel dredging projects provide material for living shorelines
  • Aquaculture opportunities
  • Business opportunities for shoreline plant growers
  • Reduce pollutants entering waterways

Oyster reefs

  • Dampen waves and reduce shoreline erosion and damage to properties
  • Reduce pollutants entering waterways
  • Business opportunities for environmental, marine and construction companies

Wetland plant production

  • Business opportunities for shoreline plant growers
  • Saltwater tolerant plant production
  • Innovation and/or business expansion required to meet demand for wetland plant productions

Shoreline erosion

  • Development of alternative strategies to living shorelines, such as modular reefs
  • Wave attenuation structures that provide water access to people or support aquaculture

Road flood sensors

  • Used by scientists to test models that predict future flooding
  • Sensor data imported into Waze app, providing motorists with real-time hazard alerts
  • Industry can use Waze data to minimize travel disruption
  • Opportunities for new companies to develop and install new sensor technology

Learn more about shoreline protection, wetland plant production and flood sensors at Virginia Institute of Marine Science

Collaboration Across Sectors

In partnership with the Middle Peninsula Planning District Commission and Virginia Sea Grant, and with funding from GO Virginia, RISE Resilience Innovations will award four businesses up to $200,000 in grants and services to develop next-generation solutions surrounding topics such as septic system redesign and repurposing dredge materials. Rural Challenge winners will also receive project support from regional community colleges and universities, and the unique opportunity to test and develop their products on dedicated Middle Peninsula Chesapeake Bay Public Access Authority public properties and buildings.

Learn more about the Water Adaptation Economy Project

excavator picking up stones as part of coastal Virginia's flood preparedness

Rural Challenge winners

Biogenic Solutions

provides consulting support in restoration, mitigation, and biogenic shoreline reef management. Biogenic Solutions will test and advance a new method of upcycling dredge materials to protect shorelines.

Home Mechanix

helps residents mitigate the hazards of flooding to their homes and repair the damages afterward. Home Mechanic will test a novel crawl space moisture barrier to protect homes against flood damage.


delivers large-scale, turnkey, nature-based solutions that protect shorelines immediately after installation and become more resilient over time. Natrx will test how to repurpose dredge materials for use in the construction of resilient infrastructure.

Triangle Environmental

works to design, test and implement innovative solutions for people who don’t have access to proper sanitation. Triangle Environmental will pilot a compact, modular wastewater treatment system for non-potable reuse of household greywater.